Proper Children’s Backpack Guidelines from Northbrook Chiropractor

According to a study published in The Spine Journal, 6% of 10-year-old kids complain of back pain, which increases to 10% – 15% for 12-year-old kids. One of the most common culprits is wearing an improper or overloaded backpack. Heavy and unbalanced backpacks can cause serious damage to the neck, shoulders, mid back, and lower [More…]

Northbrook Chiropractor Talks about Improving Health

Every year so many people in Northbrook suffer from some type of back or neck injury. Often times this results in a trip to the Northbrook, IL chiropractor. The simplest household tasks can cause minor to severe injuries to your joints, muscles and surrounding tissues. These injuries can be the result of a freak accident, but [More…]

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy in Northbrook

While pregnancy marks an extraordinary time in a woman’s life, it often leads to dramatic changes in posture and spinal function. Many of these changes can be physically seen but many cannot. In this post Northbrook, IL chiropractor, Dr. Tom Bryant, discusses the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy.

5 Cardio Myths You Should Stop Believing – Northbrook, IL

Tired of endless cardio sessions? Want to lose fat and keep it off? Contrary to popular belief, cardio exercise isn’t the key to weight loss. Too much cardio leads to muscle loss, increased hunger, and sluggish metabolism. Just think about all those people running on the treadmill every single day. Despite their efforts, they still [More…]

Pinched Nerve Treatment in Northbrook, IL

Our nerves send critical messages throughout our body which extend from our brain and spinal cord. A pinched nerve happens when a nerve becomes compressed by the surrounding tissues. When this pressure is applied it disrupts the nerve’s function. Our body responds to this by sending a “pinching” feeling as a warning. It’s important to [More…]