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What Is Quantum Spinal Mechanics 3?

QSM³ is at present the most progressive upper cervical chiropractic procedure. It was founded on the principles of traditional upper cervical procedures but with the vision to advance the corrective technical approach into the 21st Century. It is science-based, precise, and dedicated to the continued advancement of the works of Palmer, Grostic, and Gregory.

Its model to correct the degenerative effects of spinal misalignment is the future of the chiropractic profession and the foundation of health. The doctors of QSM³ look beyond the traditional model of its predecessors by an advanced analysis of the whole human frame from pelvis to skull. This comprehensive approach brings more specificity in an attempt to reduce spinal corrections and to optimize results. QSM³ incorporates the traditional Atlas Subluxation Complex (ASC) as its cornerstone but searches further. This full posture technique restores the body to its highest mechanical potential.

Its model to correct the degenerative effects of spinal misalignment

is the future of the chiropractic profession and the foundation of health.

Upper Cervical Progressive Chiropractic has always had the goal to restore the body to its orthogonal position. The QSM³ procedure is a progression of these great chiropractic works.

The History of Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Vector based Upper Cervical Chiropractic systems (Wernsing, Grostic, Orthospinology, and NUCCA), all have a long history of high quality specific spinal corrections. This pinnacle of chiropractic principles attracts some of the brightest and most detail-oriented doctors. Wernsing introduced the concept of atlas laterality and rotatory (angular) measurement in the 1930’s. Grostic, in the 40’s, introduced a new cervical x-ray series and rotatory system of analysis (along with the supine leg check) in conjunction with Gregory. Later, with NUCCA, Gregory organized specific misalignment types and greatly clarified the biomechanical principles involved, essentially bringing the correction to its present level of specificity by the late 1970’s. Since the era of these pioneers, little has progressed in upper cervical chiropractic (UCC). The advent of multiple adjusting machines, although hailed by their inventors for specificity and ease, also have specific limitations in their ability to correct the misaligned spine.

QSM³ is a logical progression and reasoned evolution of these great 20th century systems. It consolidates the brilliant discoveries of vector-based Upper Cervical Chiropractic (UCC) with innovative examination and re-thinking of the various protocols by Dr. Friedman. The attention to x-ray detail, the specific analysis, the correction table, and the lightest touch at the C1 vertebra (< .5lb) are the foundations that QSM3 integrates. The QSM³ procedure measures the 3D misalignment of the human frame to improve the correction potential. QSM³ uses a posture measurement device in a unique way to evaluate pelvis to skull misalignment. In conjunction with the upper cervical analysis, QSM³ now enables measurement of the complete misalignment pathway. This means more detail, better data, and higher resulting potential to hold the correction.

QSM³ looks at a 3 dimensional full spine correction. This means the weight scales are only a small piece to the necessary information that demonstrates at a diagnostic level that any patient’s spine has been corrected. We see many patients that check clear in the weight scales (frontal plane) but have a head tilt and pelvic distortion. A correction is not one plane or piece but a 3D balance of all parts. The Anatometer, although it lays claim to measure pelvic twist/ distortion, definitely at an engineering level is completely inaccurate. We have retro fit our digital device with a system that measures rotation coupling in the pelvis.

The reason the pelvic distortion/correction is key to a balanced spine is:

1. It is the largest mass in the human frame and must be corrected to restore true balance.
2. It indicates as it rotates that the spine is breaking down against gravity.
3. Is the key aspect for symptomatic relief and must be corrected first before the weight is even an issue.

“This concept is like talking about the paint on the walls in a house
when the foundation has not been set and balanced.”

The QSM³ procedure is a comprehensive approach that restores body balance pelvis to skull using multiple headpiece placements when necessary to correct, by component, the breakdown of the human frame. Not everyone is a perfect linear misalignment but a culmination of years of multiple traumas.

This approach after being board certified in more than one UC procedure has begun to answer the complications that are a regular occurrence with stability and better results.

QSM³ Chiropractic Empowers Your Life


A Message From Chiropractor, Dr. Russell Friedman

Everything that supports life in the human body can be seen as a function of blood supply. The better the blood supply the more nutrition, oxygenation, and removal of toxins.

The human frame is a magical system. When it is unable to function in the state that it is in, it tells us so by the expression of symptoms.

The human frame is integrated as a tensegral structure. This means ‘up and open’ like an inflated balloon. This only occurs when the full posture of the body is centered and untwisted. When the body fully aligns its tensegral structure with gravity, the body receives its optimal blood, nutrition and oxygenation. Breakdown of the body away from this position (off the vertical axis coupled with the resulting transverse torsion of the various components) is called spinal misalignment.

Spinal misalignment is the fundamental cause of all dis-ease because it compresses the body and initiates a long term ‘suffocation’ of cells, tissues, organs, and body systems. This breakdown effects our existence in three fundamentally deleterious ways:

  • The tractioning of the brain and spinal cord – the energy system
  • The torsional stress on the muscular and joint systems spasms, arthritis, progressive joint degeneration
  • Compression of the whole body – decreasing blood supply to all systems

The elucidation of the breakdown of the tensegrity model provides a significant advancement in the rationale for correcting spinal misalignments. The QSM3 procedures actually take the excursions of the full spine and pelvis into clinical consideration, greatly enhancing the correction of this foundation of health.

-Dr. Friedman DC



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