Anxiety, ADHD in Northbrook IL

Do you or your children have ADD/ADHD or anxiety? ADHD and even more so anxiety have a variety of treatment options for patients. Many people will immediately turn to medication. There is however another form of care that can be sought out, chiropractic care.

A published study regarding children with learning and behavioral impairments due to neurological dysfunction, compared chiropractic care with drug treatment. The author reported chiropractic care was 24% more effective than commonly used medications. Chiropractic care was also reported as “more effective for the wide range of symptoms common in the neurological dysfunction syndrome in which thirteen symptom or problem areas were considered.” [1]

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Chiropractic care

A few ways Northbrook chiropractor, Dr. Tom Bryant, helps patients through neurofeedback, spinal manipulations and nutritional counseling. Each patient is different therefore requires an individualized plan, no one size fits all. Chiropractic care is often used in conjunction with other methods sometimes including medication and other times not. Nutritional counseling is one way of creating a healthier lifestyle which can be key in assisting with ADHD and anxiety. Correcting nerve interference in children and adults improves function of both the body and brain. Please contact Health Solutions Precision Spinal Care to learn more about how we can help you with your specific ailment.


1. Walton EV: “The effects of chiropractic treatment on students with learning and behavioral impairments due to neurological dysfunction.” International Review of Chiropractic 1975;29:4-5:24-26.